Product Development

We help you create unique solutions for your project. With layooops, you can build high-quality products that attract and retain customers. We support you in turning your ideas into successful solutions that are ready for the market.


We design beautiful and user-friendly interfaces that match your brand and vision. We take into account the feedback of users and collaborate with you at every stage of the design process. Our task is to ensure that users not only love your product, but also enjoy and ease from using it.

Frontend development

We develop fast and reliable web applications for your business needs. We make your product fast, secure, and user-friendly. We test, debug, and deliver web applications on time and within budget.

A platform where users can create dishes using an intelligent recipe generator, receive feedback, get acquainted with world cuisines and interact with the culinary community.


Local Radio is a independent online radio, label, and community of djs, musicians, and producers based in Voronezh.
Portfolio of an architectural visualizer who can bring any architectural idea to beautiful visualization.
Showcases of the architectural works of Larisa Emtseva, a young and talented architect.
This is the place for a future project. Do you want to know more about it?


This is a spot for a future project that will be amazing and exciting. Are you curious about it?


A command-line tool to help create an application structure using the Feature-Sliced Design methodology
With the Figma GitHub Integration widget, you can easily work with GitHub right in Figma. You can import any issues, pull requests, or projects from GitHub into Figma, as well as create new issues or draft issues from Figma. The Figma GitHub Integration widget will help you organize and manage your projects in Figma using GitHub features
layooops design system - because, who doesn’t love another design system? It’s got buttons, inputs, colors, and ‘all that jazz’.

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